zgjoi.com is educational portal for youth containing the collection of curated videos in the fields of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). The portal is created, maintained and financed by Kimete and Agron S. Dida, on voluntary bases.

The vision of the Project ZGJOI (eng. BEEHIVE) is meant to serve education of children and youth in Kosovo and abroad by providing carefully selected education video content from Internet.
The mission of the ZGJOI project is raising the quality of education in Kosovo through the use of ICT and multimedia.
Educational goal of the project ZGJOI is to foster curiosity and desire for self-learning among primary school students, to encourage her/his creativity, communication skills and collaborativeness, using advanced ICT and multimedia. At the same time, this carefully selected collection of videos, can be a good source of additional information for primary schools teachers, which may help them illustrate their teaching subjects.
Video content of ZGJOI Portal contains educational videos for students and teachers of primary schools (K1 – K9), which may serve as an auxiliary source of education materials for the science teaching subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technology and Biology. These videos are carefully selected from a large number of videos found on YouTube and other public domain video portals.
The basic criteria for selecting the videos were: rigorous scientific background, overall pedagogical and didactic quality of the material, the credibility of the source / author of videos, technical quality and compliance with the requirements of the curriculum of primary schools in Kosovo. In order to make this portal more attractive for students, a number of videos are educational songs, some other videos contain attractive animations, humorist gags, acrobatic shows, etc.
The language of videos in ZGJOI portal is English, while the titles of videos are translated into Albanian to enable for an easy search within the portal. In the further phases of ZGJOI portal development the video materials will be subtitled and possibly voice-overed in Albanian and other languages used in Kosova.

Access to the portal is free.

Financing of the portal is expected from sponsors and donors.

The staff: Education content is curated by Kimete and Agron S. Dida, who is also web-master. Zjarr Bujari is youth coordinator and junior content creator.
Contact: Agron S. Dida
Address: Bërnicë e Epërme, Rr. Beteja e Kaçanollit p.n., 10000 Prishtinë, KOSOVA